Welcome to Intranet Directions

Welcome to Intranet Directions, a brand new blog from Steve Bynghall (@bynghall)  and Chris Tubb (@christubb) about intranet strategy and moving your intranet forward any way you can.

We’re jobbing intranet consultants and we want this to be a place where we will be publish our ideas, thoughts, approaches, frameworks and tools all of which are dedicated to helping everyone involved with intranets get unstuck, whether it is in their job title or not.

So, we are going to come up with different approaches to thinking about intranet strategy. A strategy is a plan, not a shopping list. Intranet teams get in a jam, so we’re going to come up with some escape plans. If you are flying free and everything is tickety-boo, you might find this interesting and we’d love your input, but if you are stuck fast, and maybe you don’t even have intranet in your job title—but all over your objectives—maybe we can help.

Many of these ideas will be embryonic,experimental and deliberately under-developed—some of them will quite possibly wrong—but we’re also hoping there will be the occasional pearl. In fact, this is one of our reasons for doing the blog: we want to get reactions from the global intranet community to see which ideas “stick” and resonate, the ones worth taking forward, the ones which need remoulding, as well as identifying those which need to be thrown straight into the waste paper basket.

What are our other motives?  Well obviously we’ve got mouths to feed so we’re obviously very happy if you like some of the things you read here and feel we might be able to help your organisation in some way.  But this absolutely won’t become a tedious sales pitch for our services.

We’re both keenly aware of the gap between what intranets could be and the frustration they can cause, and we want to help teams behind them. Despite rumours that intranets have been dead since 1996 and tens of millions of employees worldwide don’t look at them from week to week, they have proven a remarkably resilient concept; absorbing and extending—they have a great future. However this needs intranet teams to stay relevant, moving both with the technology landscape and business need.

We hope we can contribute some original thoughts and tools which help intranets move forward. Of course if our contributions come across either as marketing-led drivel, a vanity publishing channel or just simply aren’t very good, then we will have failed.

As we both already have personal blogs, you may also wonder why we are choosing to publish some of our ideas together.  Well, firstly we both enjoy writing, thinking and working together and Intranet Directions provides a further opportunity to collaborate on something more focused.

Secondly, we’ve both found bouncing ideas off each other invaluable in developing those thoughts, and the blog feels like a natural extension of our regular conversations. Thirdly, we broadly have complementary fields of expertise and interest. Chris is more into strategy, governance, metrics and the future of work, fuelled by his years at running the global intranet for Orange/France Telecom. Steve is more into collaboration, engagement and HR-processes, from his years in charge of the global extranet programme at BDO. And, quite frankly, as men in our (ahem very early) forties with small children, we don’t get out to spread these ideas around in real life as much as we want to.

So where are we heading with it? At the moment we don’t know. Our original idea was to write a book together called “Intranet Directions”, but after a few false starts we were realised that we were both simply too busy to ever complete it.  Maybe we’ll get there eventually, but a blog seems a more realistic outlet for our thinking, as well as not letting us stray too far from the path of the useful.

So that’s Intranet Directions. We hope we live up to our original aims and that you will come back here often.

— Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall, October 2013

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Intranet Directions

  1. Great to see a new intranet blog – especially one with some honest advice and a healthy dose of cynicism. Some competition for Intranetizen is a good thing – perhaps it will force us to up our game :)

    Looking forward to reading more.

    • Sharon, many thanks for your comment. We’re hoping we can be as compelling a read as Intranetizen. Being an intranet manager is a tricky old business, particularly if you’re a one-person band, and I do think an active intranet community and blogosphere can help.

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