Intranet tactic cards

A seasonal gift from Intranet Directions.

In the spirit of goodwill to all men and women, and to help bring festive joy for intranet teams all over the world, Intranet Directions are proud to present a free gift to everybody. Introducing our cut-out-and-keep Intranet Tactics Cards.

OK, admittedly these aren’t very festive, but in the spirit of Oblique Strategies (we love Brian Eno), we’ve created some cards which have some headline suggestions which are designed to help intranet teams think about working practices, get unstuck with problems, or visit for a bit of occasional fresh inspiration. The original text on each card is not so important – its more the thoughts they may trigger. So even if you think what is on the card is a load of old rubbish, then you might think of something which isn’t rubbish. A fuller set of instructions are below, although you could probably work it out.

Use them at your desk, in a team meeting, in a workshop or pop them straight into the recycling bin, it’s completely up to you. We’ve got four suits of themes:

  • Getting unstuck – a small suggestion if you’re hitting a brick wall
  • Wildcards – a headline to try and look at a problem in a different way
  • Stakeholders – suggestions for engaging with your stakeholders
  • Tactics – things to do to increase effectiveness and adoption

This is a bit of an experiment. We’d love to hear what you think, how you have (or haven’t used them) or suggestions for any more cards, so please do add your comments below. And of course a very happy Christmas or holiday season from us at Intranet Directions.

Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb, December 2013

Instructions for use

  1. icon_mis  Feel miserable because you are stuck like only an intranet guy can be.
  2. icon_download Download the Intranet Directions Tactic Cards PDF (250KB, on us, for free, no sign-ups)
  3. icon_print Print it out on real world paper. Screw the polar bears.
  4. icon_papers Take the pieces of paper from the printer, and go find a nice quiet spot.
  5. icon_cutting Get some real world scissors and cut across the dotted lines. Start feeling better.
  6. icons_cards  Organise the cards into their different suits.
  7. icon_cards Think about your intranet problem that has got you all stuck
  8. icon_look  Look at the cards, while thinking about your problem. Skills. Take your time. Let your mind wander.
  9. icon_idea Have a bloody brilliant idea.
  10. icon_happy  Feel Happy. You’ve got a plan. You’re unstuck
  11. icon_drinkPub.


Download the Intranet Directions Tactic Cards PDF (13 pages, 250KB, on us, for free, no sign-ups. We are nice people)


4 thoughts on “Intranet tactic cards

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  3. What a great set of cards! Definitely an inspiring (and sometimes challenging) set of possibilities for intranet managers and teams.

    Well done, a great contribution to the intranet community.

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