Intranet diagnosis cards

Another free gift from Intranet Directions!

Last Christmas we enjoyed giving away our free cut-out-and-keep Intranet Tactics cards so much that we wanted to experience that warm glowing feeling again. So, in the same spirit of global intranet community-ness, here are our Intranet Diagnosis Cards.

Before you can work out where you are going, you need to work out where you are. Again, evoking the spirit of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, we’ve created some cards which have some questions, some suggestions and some ever-so-slightly antagonistic statements on them. These are designed to get you thinking about what problems you, your intranet and your organisation may have. Is it the technology? Is it the users? Is the approach? Is it the coffee out of the vending machines? Do you even have any problems?

These cards can help get you in the zone for brainstorming areas of weakness and frustration with your intranet, and diagnosing the causes you’ll need to address. This is a first step towards a cure by playing some quick tactics or kicking off the whole strategic shebang. Conversely they’ll help you to consider your intranet successes – don’t be so hard on yourself.

Use the cards in an intranet team meeting, away day, or just occasionally visit for some fresh thinking. Or scrunch them up, set fire to them and wish you’d never downloaded them in the first place. It’s up to you.

As with the whole of Intranet Directions, this is a bit an experiment. We’d love to hear what you think, how you have (or haven’t used) the diagnosis cards. Enjoy.

Steve Bynghall and Chris Tubb, May 2014

Instructions for use

  1. icon_mis  Wake up one morning feeling like your intranet has so many problems you just don’t know where to start.
  2. icon_download Download the Intranet Directions Diagnosis Cards PDF (239 KB, on us, for free, no sign-ups)
  3. icon_print Print it out on real world paper. Or on some nice card with a view to getting it laminated if you have loads of time and budget. But you won’t have either
  4. .icon_papers  Take the pieces of paper from the printer, and go back to your desk.
  5. icon_cutting Get some real world scissors and cut across the dotted lines. Be careful with those scissors, now. You might want to get someone with a technical background to help.
  6. icons_cards  Place the cards in a nice neat pile and contemplate their zen like papery-ness. Grab some of your colleagues for a meeting.
  7. icon_cardsStart to think about some of those things the users and your team moan about.
  8. icon_look  Look at the cards to start to tease at exactly what the problem is. You can’t blame everything on the users or IT, you know. How about a few post-its?
  9. icon_idea Also identify some successes. Make small paper aeroplanes out of the ones that aren’t problems. Start to see some common themes emerging. Articulate the major pain points and prioritise what needs to be addressed.
  10. icon_happy  Feeling motivated, commit to making a plan of action.
  11. icon_drinkYou’ll now need a stiff drink after such brutal self-honesty. Raising a glass to the Intranet Directions team, you’re now on the path to success.


Download the Intranet Directions Diagnosis Cards PDF (13 pages, 230 KB, 52 cards, on us, for free, no sign-ups. We are nice people)

thumbnails for diagnosis cards

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