Intranet Directions elsewhere January 2014

So here are a few other things we’ve been up to on and off the digital slopes:

Chris elsewhere

A new year. Again. The older you get the quicker it rattles past. I’ve got a list for self-improvement that stretches beyond the bounds of the reasonable, particularly learning R and bolstering/remembering my stats chops.

Over in DWG world I’ve been busy with a spot of interesting benchmarking assignments as well as polishing off a couple of research papers (members only I’m afraid) one on the current state of employee directories, and one on “Measuring Communications”. I’ve also done a load more in a series of digital workplace posts for DWG, which seem to have been very positively received :

Other than that it was Christmas break and spending time with the family as we watched the salty Brighton rain slosh against the windows, and with the South Coast greyer than an actuary’s suit I didn’t get to shoot a frame that didn’t include a hat from a Christmas Cracker.

Steve elsewhere

For the  past six weeks or so I’ve been working on various different projects. I’ve got a lot of work-in-progress.. Little bits here and there.  Intranets. Writing. I’ve even co-presented IBF Live. Oh, and there was all that Christmas and New Year stuff.  I am also fantastically hungry because I am trying to lose weight, as well as doing that seven minute work-out thing every day which featured in the New York Times.

The writing I have done on my personal Two Hives blog  and elsewhere is also a little bit random, but includes a focus on a South Korean steel company who are doing very interesting things with their digital workplace, some fence-sitting intranet predictions for 2014 plus a look at the freelancing crowdsourcing markets, which is basically nothing to do with intranets. Here are the links:

Intranet Directions elsewhere November 2013

So what else have the intrepid Intranet Directions consultants been up to this month:

Chris elsewhere

This month seems to have been writing and thinking. As well as the usual IBF benchmarking and research stuff I’ve been pondering about the what the digital workplace actually is – a term that is oft-used and not much described. My take is that we need to stop using the term “digital workplace” to mean some fantastical future where systems adapt to our every move and instead treat is as nothing more that the messy tangle of company provided systems inside and outside of the organisation. It became the digital workplace when our attention turned irrevocably towards the computer — one day it was a machine on a desk and the next day it was work.

On my personal blog, Abodat, I’ve been fretting about the day when we invite clever-clogs-mathematics into the intranet and let it eat our businesses in a rather embarrassing algorithmic apocalypse. Don’t snigger it could happen. Let humans do the work of the human heart like working out who’s an expert on your organisation. I like to treat Abodat as a bit of a pressure release valve so it can get a bit far out. Just imagine its science fiction if it makes you uncomfortable…

Steve elsewhere

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing. mainly for DWG where I’ve been researching the potential opportunities for mobile on frontline staff.  I’ve also been  writing about the winners for the Intranet Innovation Award (run by James Robertson and Step Two Designs, but I do the co-ordination and writing) including a piece for Rachel Miller’s blog “All Things IC”.  An edited version of that also got picked up by Ragan,com, and a separate piece for CMSWire due out later this month.

On my personal Two Hives blog I’ve been exploring a couple of themes that interest me.  Gamification fascinates me and appalls me in equal measure.  In some ways I find it childish and silly – have a well done badge for asking those questions – but another part of me thinks it can be very effective in the right circumstances.   People tend to make the decision to use gamification based on the capability they have in their intranet or social platform, but its actually a tactic which tends to be used across different activities and needs to be applied  in different ways. I’ve tried to identify the main activities gamification gets used for as a starting point. I’m also interested in the phenomenon of  complete open intranets on the internet which can be viewed by everybody.  Some might be sceptical, but I think they have a place, and I’ve taken a look at what Whitbread in the UK have been doing.